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Top Reasons to Outsource Record Storage

The typical reasons companies and institutions look for a new off-site, professional records storage company can be broken down into one of these topics.

EXISTING RELATIONSHIP WITH MULTINATIONAL STORAGE COMPANY:  Many companies are tired of the lack of service they get from the large, multinational storage company.  There is reported to be very little sense of the true attitude of service.  There are also what seem to be arbitrary (and often) rate increases. So, you experience this and want to change.  Watch out for the excessive exit fees.  You may feel like they are holding your boxes hostage and you have to pay the ransom to get them back. 

Fingerprintwlock 3inSECURITY:  The various laws state that you have to take all measures to keep your confidential documents protected.  That means they are not available to just anyone who happens to be in your office.  If your documents are just setting in file cabinets where anyone can view them, then you may not be complying with the various privacy protection laws.  Who should you fear having access to your confidential files?

  Any of the following could cause you harm.

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Contractors (whom you have done no background checks on)
  • Custodial personnel (in the offices often alone at night)
  • Customers who may have access to your offices where files may be stored

BondedInsured 3inSPACE: Sooner or later, most businesses run out of space for storage.  When that happens, you have to move, or somehow acquire more space.  Why not place your confidential historical files off-site with a professional records storage company.  It is much cheaper than moving and is almost always cheaper than acquiring the extra space if available without moving.

DISASTER PROTECTION:  Hurricane Katrina ruined many businesses because it ruined their historical files.  The disaster damage was very evident in the medical field.  Medical charts were destroyed for active patients.  The data from various tests could not be recovered and had to be performed again when possible.  However, the historical data was gone for good.  Do you have in house fire protection that is not water based?

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Typical Requests For Services

I work for a small organization that does not have the need for a large storage space. What is the minimum amount of space you will contract to a company?
We have bankers boxes with files I would say about 30 that we need stored. Moving to an office with less storage space. Please email me information.

Thanks, Maria
Secured, permanent document storage (temperature controlled environmet). 24 hr access. Please provide process details, pricing and lead-time quote for: file retreival, site pick-up and transportation. Current boxes; 21 legal size, 155 banker (file) s
I'd like to know how much per box it would cost me to store 1000 letter/legal size boxes. If you have a rate sheet that would be wonderful.
I just want to get a quote for a storage of boxes with files.. We have 400 boxes (we used before xxxx xxxxxxxx so its their standart boxes size 15.5x12.5x10) How much would be a yearly cost to store and what services you offer. Thank you