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The record storage members in San Francisco offer to store your files and boxes in our air-conditioned alarm secure facility in a bar-coded location. Storage is charged per month for each box or cubic foot of storage space used. You don't pay for unused storage space which is common in off site "public" storage arrangements.

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Visitors to our record storage association websites are asked "What Can We Do For You". Here are a number of their responses. Do you have similar needs? If so, please call a couple of the members to find the solutions you require including how much does it cost to store your important files in a safe and secure location.

  • Closing practice, need quote for storage of paper charts & also EMR data base.
  • Interested in records storage for the non-profit Rocky Mountain …... Association. Records are contained in standard.filing boxes. We currently have approximately 20 boxes.
  • interested in a quote for offsite document storage of our previous student's records
  • How much do you charge to store paper medical records? Do you charge by box or by chart? What is the process to retrieve records
  • quote for storage of medical records and cost to retrieve and deliver records.
  • Can you send me a RFP for storage. We have approximately 95 boxes to store. Are you able to shred boxes after 7 years?
  • In addition to shredding approx. 40 boxes, we would like a quote to store files in bankers boxes and be able to retrieve on an as needed basis

Most Companies Want To Secure Off-Site Records Storage in San Francisco For The Following Reasons

SECURITY:  The various laws state that you have to take all possible measures to keep your confidential documents protected.  That means they are not viewable by anyone who happens to be in your office.  If your documents are just setting in file cabinets where anyone can view them, then you may not be complying with the various privacy protection laws.  Who should you fear having access to your confidential files?  Any of the following could cause you harm, Disgruntled or unscrupulous employees, Employees of Subcontractors on whom you have not done background checks, Custodial personnel (in your offices alone at night), Customers or patients who may have access to your offices where files may be stored.