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File Storage Services in New York City

Our members of Record Storage Companies of America in New York City provide secure managed storage and retrieval for all types of paper records such as files bound reports, printouts, books, periodicals, maps, blueprints plans charts posters and other paper items as customers may require Records Storage & Management.

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  • Document Scanning
  • Secure Destruction including paper shredding and media destruction
  • Media Vaulting

The following are normal requests our customers have made. Do you have similar requests? If so, call the members of the association in your area now.

  • We currently have a need to store approximately 733 document boxes to free up space in our facility. We need to have them stored in a facility that would allow us to have access in case we need to search for certain documents.
  • store old records, but will also need copies of some charts as patients come back into our office,
  • We have roughly 40-50 boxes and wanted to explore our options for storage. If you could give us a quote on what it would cost our company per month to store our boxes there, that would be great
  • We would like to store our old records at your site. We would also like to have these records picked up from our former business location in Cincinnati.
  • How much do you charge to store paper medical records? Do you charge by box or by chart? What is the process to retrieve records

Are you looking for a new, professional, off-site document storage company? The following are the most common reasons for doing so. Do any of these apply to you?

  • Unsatisfactory relationship now in place with a multinational storage company who could care less about customer service
  • Realization that the current SECURITY of your record storage is unsatisfactory and may be in violation of current privacy protection laws.
  • Many motivated customers for off-site records storage are OUT OF SPACE to store their existing files
  • Did you realize that your whole business is at risk due to the lack of DISASTER protection of your business records: Fire, Flood, Hurricane, all could put you out of business.

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