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Our members of Record Storage Companies of America in San Francisco have helped organizations of all sizes large or small to solve their information management problems. Our experienced records management teams will provide a strategy to meet your document storage needs with an approach for reducing risks that allows you to focus on your business.

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Our members are committed to offering a complete range of document management services because we understand that as times change, industries evolve and compliance issues arise, your needs will change with them.

Let our the members of Record Storage Companies of America help you meet the challenges associated with document management data protection and document destruction

  • Hello. I will have approximately 1500 paper medical (patient) charts to store. I will need to have them copied on request, with either paper copies or pdf files sent to new clinic location.
  • Approx. 25 book cartons. May need access once or twice a year at most. Additional 2 boxes per year would require storage. Also interested in shredding/scanning services.
  • Wanting a quote for paper storage of 40 years worth of records. Since I don't have an exact number of records, I would just like a ballpark estimate.
  • Looking for a new vendor of Tape Storage.
  • Approximately 10 normal size file boxes.

Any of the following individuals could steal your records and cause harm to you, your patients, customers, employees, stockholders and the general public. Protect your information.

  • Disgruntled employees (who better knows the location and value of much of the data you have)
  • Contractors (whom you have done no background checks on)
  • Custodial personnel (who are in the offices often alone at night)
  • Customers who may have access to your offices where files may be placed within easy reach, such as on a desk