Contract with a Record Storage Company in order to protect your confidential records. Do not leave your records where disgruntled employees, contractors, vendors and others not authorized to have access to such records. Various State and Federal Laws mandate that you protect private information.

 In order to be compliant with the various state and federal laws and protect yourself, stockholders, employees, and customers/patients, you should protect all confidential and outdated material.

  • Any document, which contains confidential material (designs, proposals, plans, and drafts of such information.).
  • Any document which could be used for the purpose of identity theft (social security numbers, customer lists, credit applications, tax returns, etc).
  • Any document which could cause harm in the hands of criminals or competitors (canceled checks, price lists, business plans, credit card numbers)
  • Any document which is mandated to be protected by your state laws or the federal laws such as HIPAA (medical), GRAMM LEACH BLILEY (financial) and FACTA (personal credit) records.


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The association does not own or manage any of the listed companies. Thus the buyer accepts responsibility for doing its own due diligence on any firm prior to contracting with them.
Check references, and check with the Better Business Bureau

Video About Medical Records Storage

Video About Medical Records Storage