Is it cheaper to store your records or have them scanned?

It is cheaper to store a box (or a hundred boxes) versus scanning them. However, once you start retrieving the documents, the cost evens out fast  Suppose a box contains 100 files and you only need to retrieve each file about once every five years, then storage becomes much less expensive.  Suppose the amount of time it takes to retrieve a file from the professional records storage company doesn't matter, since you might have more than a day or two's advance notice of when you need that file, then storage might be the way to go.


However, if you retrieve a couple files per month out of a box of a hundred files, then scanning might be the lesser cost alternative over time.  If the amount of time it takes to retrieve a document is critical, then consider scanning.  If you need the file immediately with no advance notice, then scan.  If more than one person at a time needs access to the file at one time, then scanning might be the only solution for you.

As you can see, it just depends on how often you need the files.

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Video About Medical Records Storage

Video About Medical Records Storage